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We have created three separate monthly packages that will provide your business with essential marketing services. We will gladly fulfill any “as needed” service upon request. Please complete the form here if you have questions about our services or would like to receive more information and pricing on our monthly packages.

Graphic Design & Brand Awareness

Your brand is your story. H2M is ready to assist in telling your story with materials and content that visually exemplifies your business and identifies you from your competitors. We are passionate about connecting brands with consumers and communicating your business goals in a clear, effective, and creative way. All marketing collateral, content, and promotional items will be strategically planned and designed with the same cohesive theme as your brand. H2M will make your brand shine and your business thrive!

Marketing Collateral

(logo, business cards, direct mail, menus, brochures, etc.)   


Promotional Items 

(pens, totes, phone accessories, hand sanitizers, etc.)

Website Design

When someone learns of your business, it's common for them to quickly search the internet to find information from your website, and it's crucial for consumers to find answers in an engaging, seamless form. H2M knows that creating a website can be an overwhelming, grueling task, so we are here to make this process completely painless for you. We design websites on the Wix platform where the possibilities are endless and the finished product is beautiful! We ensure that every detail matches your brand from the overall template and layout, to your approved color palette and typography, and even the backend integrations. Rest assured, you can count on us to make your vision become a reality! 

Wix Template/Custom Site

Basic SEO Best Practices

Stock Photos & Videos

Automated Responses


Integrated Options

Privacy Policy 

Social Media Management 

The vibrant world of social media provides the opportunity for your brand to become recognizable and ever present to a broad market. Through strategic planning, we can take your business media accounts to a new level by crafting a unique style, personalized for your specific, targeted audience. Social media has become a critical component of a company's marketing strategy, especially ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Yet many small businesses don’t have the knowledge, time or staff to do social media marketing in a consistent and beneficial way. H2M services provide quality content, on-going management, and ad campaigns that are proven to have a huge ROI. Social media is the place to be; it's time to let H2M ignite your business in the virtual world! 

Content Creation 

Animated Stories

Daily Engagement

Ad Campaigns

(Facebook & Instagram)

Review Management

Reporting & Analysis

Email Marketing Management

When wanting to connect directly to consumers, email marketing is the pathway to meaningful, personalized messages. H2M can provide a variety of cost effective marketing techniques through email promotions, advertisements, and campaigns in order to communicate messages effectively and precisely to customers. According to research, consumers spend 83% more on a brand they’ve received email newsletters from. We can help keep customers informed and eager to receive emails from you. 

Welcome Emails

Product Announcements

Promotional Alerts


Review Request Emails

Event Marketing

A successful event starts with a great marketing strategy! It's all about timing, communication, promotion, and knowing what is needed from start to finish to create a unique experience for your attendees. From marketing collateral, to display signage, and digital communications, we can provide everything that’s necessary for a memorable event. We excel in targeting the right audience and promoting your event in the best locations, in order to drastically increase your attendance and reach your event goals. Organizing events can be overwhelming, however, working with H2M can alleviate some of the stress. Trust us…we know marketing, we know events, and we absolutely love planning both! 

Pre-event Collateral

(logo, save the date, invitation, print & digital advertising, branded promo. items, etc.)   


Onsite Event Materials

(programs, table signage, displays, donation/pledge cards, etc.)

...and More!

Internally marketing is at your fingertips and businesses must jump onboard with this strategy! Happy employees = successful employees who are ready and willing to represent your business. The success of a company is largely due to the culture created from within. As a result, motivating employees and building trustworthy relationships will bring value to your company. H2M is able to lead, plan and execute various initiatives that align with your mission and business objectives.  


Maintaining and nurturing relationships with current customers should be a high priority for your company. Consistent and positive communication, generating great customer experiences, and providing follow ups are necessities in keeping your most loyal clients always supporting your business. From a thoughtful thank you email to a delivered, personalized package of goodies, H2M can help create these special moments for you!

Internal Marketing

Customer Experience

& Retention Efforts

Is the service you want not listed? Tell us!

You would be surprised at what all we can do.

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